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At Matilda & Clancy, every stitch tells a story, and every piece is a promise – a promise of quality, sustainability, and heart. As you dive deeper into our world, you'll find swimwear that embodies the essence of joy-filled childhoods, the integrity of our land, and a commitment to the environment.

Explore our range and experience the true spirit of Matilda & Clancy.

Limited Edition

We have a proud portfolio of talented creatives we collaborate with to produce one-off prints incorporating designs from the bush to the beach.

Quality Materials

For our swimwear and accessories, we consciously choose to use top-tier recycled fabrics, trims and tags made from repurposed fishing nets and single-use plastics.

Pool Friendly

Matilda & Clancy swimwear goes through rigorous product testing to ensure it performs on cue in all water conditions while retaining its integrity for the next wave of wearers to enjoy.

Good for Australia

If there’s one thing my team and I are passionate about, it’s building and nurturing regional, rural and remote community connections.

Splash Into Stories Woven with Care

Crafted with love and designed for every little adventure. Dive into Matilda & Clancy’s sustainable collection, where style meets eco-consciousness. Each piece is a ticket to cherished memories, from sunlit giggles on the beach to playful escapades in the bush.


"I know you'll absolutely love these togs! I'm confident that the kids will be throwing on these swimsuits all year long to catch waves, fly on the rope swing, and race under the sprinkler!"

— Carolyne McCashney, FOUNDER

For Boys and Girls

Matilda Range

Perfect for having fun in the sun, while staying protected from those rays! Did someone say SPF 50+?

Clancy Range

Bomb-dive into the water and build sandcastles with ease! Durable fabrics made for active kids.

Committed to the planet, crafted for adventure.

Dive deep into our commitment to sustainability, where every stitch tells a tale of love for Mother Earth.

Explore our Sustainability journey.

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Unraveling the Tale: Our Journey from Shore to Bush

From the shores of Mornington to the heart of the bush, discover the story behind Matilda & Clancy. Journey with us and meet the spirit and passion that birthed Australia's beloved swimwear brand. Dive into our tale and get to know us better.

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